2018 REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team

Last year REV’IT! announced that they were choosing a team of female adventure riders to represent their brand in the adventure riding community and to give direct feedback on their products and how they stand up to the every day use (and abuse) by the growing population of female adventure riders.

I remember being so excited for the ladies they chose, most of whom I had already been following on Instagram, and all of whom were more than deserving.

Fast forward to January of this year, when they announced they were planning to add to the team and opened up applications again. I figured, “What the heck.” I’ll throw my hat in the ring and see what happens. I knew there would be tons of deserving ladies who would apply, and I mostly assumed I probably didn’t have a chance.

February came and went and I never heard anything about it, so I assumed they had probably already made their decision and I wasn’t chosen.

On the morning of March 1st I was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee and making my usual morning rounds on Facebook, Instagram, and eBay (for vintage bike parts), and Dwayne was sitting beside me. All of a sudden a new email notification popped up that said, “Congrats, you are a finalist for the Rev’It! Women’s Team!” and inside it requested a time for a phone interview the next day. I squealed (loudly) and Dwayne looked at me like I was crazy, as any sane person would, until I told him what I’d just received. He got all excited, and I got all nervous, and the next 24 hours pretty much consisted of me going through manic episodes of excitement and nervousness, because I’m silly like that.

The phone interview seemed to go okay, I was a little nervous, but I tried to just be myself and hope they liked me. I’ll admit, I am probably not the most experienced girl who applied, I’ve only been riding adventure bikes for 2 years, and I’ve only been riding in general for 5, but as any of you who follow me know, riding is my life. It is my passion, and the most important thing to me other than my family and Dwayne. I love to share my adventures with others, and to inspire other women to get out and ride and not to be afraid to get on a big adventure bike and take it anywhere and everywhere.

The interview was on a Friday and they said I could expect to hear an answer the following week. By Thursday morning I had made my mind up that I hadn’t been chosen, I even told Dwayne as much. Later that afternoon we had went out to get something to eat and were on the way home when I got another email notification. It was my official “Welcome to the Team!” I turned to Dwayne with a look of utter shock on my face and dropped my phone, for a split second he thought something bad had happened, and then he immediately said, “Oh my god, you got it!” And I once again let out sounds only dogs could hear.

I was over the moon with excitement, and completely shocked, I never thought I would actually be chosen. Soon after the email came, I received an Instagram message from my new teammates welcoming myself and Anna, who had also been chosen, to the team.

So for the last few weeks, I’ve had to keep quiet about being chosen because REV’IT! wanted to be the first to announce it, and they were waiting to unveil their new website to do it. Today is the day that has happened, and so now I can share this with all of you!

The web page can be viewed here: 2018 Rev’It Women’s Adventure Team Announcement

As a member of the team, I will be representing REV’IT! at Adventure events and rallies, and I will also get to field test gear and give direct feedback to them about their products. This is all so neat because I have already been a loyal REV’IT! customer for the last few years, so it is really cool that I will get a chance to try different products and tell them what I like and what I don’t. Company’s like REV’IT! are part of what makes the adventure riding community so amazing. Taking feedback from their core customers and trying to constantly improve upon their product while directly supporting regular, everyday riders like me, that’s really something.

One of the other perks for being on the team is that Rev’It! will be sending all of us to an event later this year to ride together. I’m definitely looking forward to actually meeting the other ladies in person, and getting to ride with all of them.

When I found out I was chosen, REV’IT! requested some high quality images that they could choose from to use for the announcement, so I met up with my awesome photographer friend (and fellow adventure bike rider), Dan Tijerina. He made me look so much cooler than I am, so I’ll share some of my favorites that he took.






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