Winter weather blues…

I am sorry I have been slacking lately! We haven’t been able to ride a lot recently, but we did get about 110 miles in last Tuesday on the Tigers, and then took Ruby and the Hawk for a short spin on Friday. Now it has turned cold here, so we will be forced to get our moto fix by wrenching on them instead.

Since I likely won’t have much to offer as far as riding adventures go over the next few months, I intend to instead share some of what is going on in our garage. We are getting started on the 1972 Honda CL450 project, as well as doing things here and there to the CB450’s.

Here is what the CL looked like the day we picked it up.

I believe I wrote a bit about it at the time, but that was back in the spring, so to refresh your memory, I picked this bike up for $550 from the original owners son. It came with a title, and the engine is free. The plan is to restore it, and then take it back up for him to take it for one last ride in memory of his dad. I’m going to need all the tissues on that day!

I have spent some time here and there cleaning up and shining the chrome parts since then. The original pipes were the biggest surprise to me. I never dreamed they could look so beautiful again. Before and after:



The pipes are now stored in the house in the “motorcycle room” for safe keeping until we are ready to put them back on during the rebuild.

Here is the before/after on the fork ears and turn signals:


And here is the rear fender:


The front fender is too badly pitted to restore, so I have sourced a nice used fender from a friend to replace it with. The brake pedal had been badly bent at some point, so we found a beautiful used one on ebay to replace that with.

The bike is about half torn down at this point, but I need to find an ultrasonic cleaner so I can clean and rebuild the carbs and try to start it up before we tear it down any further. I want to make sure it is going to run before we go spend a bunch of money getting the frame, tank, and side covers repainted. It is free and has compression, so I am not too concerned about it, but I still want to hear it run first.

In the meantime, we’ve also been tinkering a bit on the CB450’s. I wanted to remove the backrest from Dorothy, but it was bolted onto the rear fender, so I was either going to have two open holes on the fender, or I would have to change out the fender altogether. Lucky for me, I bought a set of pipes off of a guy over the summer for $50, and he had a beautiful 450 fender he didn’t need so he just gave it to me. Turns out it is the exact fender I needed, so I swapped them out. I also found a mint condition polished stator cover on eBay to replace the incorrect one that was on her.

Old:                                                                        New:


I think she looks much better now, especially in her winter parking spot 😉

I’ll post again as soon as I have more to share, but that’s all I’ve got for now.

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