Day 1: Home to Springfield, Missouri

There isn’t a whole lot to share about today’s journey, as it was mostly spent on the interstate, which we all know is fairly boring, but we did cover a lot of ground.


We left home a little before 9am this morning and the weather was perfect. It got hot pretty quick, though, and by the time we stopped in Mt. Vernon, Illinois for lunch, it was 89 degrees. Not too far from Mt. Vernon the skies started to darken up a little though, and the temperature continued to drop. It started to rain a bit, but it was a welcome rain as it cooled us off and felt really good.


We decided to stop at a rest area before St. Louis to check the radar and saw that there was a small but heavy thunderstorm going through ahead of us, so we hung out for about 15-20 minutes and let it pass before hitting the road again. The roads were extremely wet for a bit, but luckily they completely dried up before we got into St. Louis with all of the crazy traffic.

Our intentions were to make it to Rolla, Missouri today, but after we arrived there we were still feeling good, so we decided to continue on, and we ended up in Springfield, Missouri instead. All in all it ended up being a 500 mile day over the course of just over 7 hours.

2016-05-31 20.54.41


Unfortunately while we were getting gas when we arrived in Springfield, my bike accidentally got tipped over. The handguards and side case took it like a champ with barely a scratch, but my turn signal cover busted off. I was able to use electrical tape to tape it back in place for now so that it doesn’t get wet in the storms tomorrow, but I spoke with a dealership in Tulsa that said they might be able to help me out if we swing by on our way through there tomorrow.

After we got in the hotel for the night, we walked to the nearest restaurant (Applebee’s) to feed our starving bodies, and then we followed it up with a concrete mixer from Culver’s because today is Dwayne’s birthday, and you can’t not have ice cream (or frozen custard) on your birthday!

Tonight we are planning to get to bed early, which shouldn’t be hard since we are both quite tired, and then we will get up early tomorrow and try to get as far as we can, but we will be dealing with storms all day it looks like, so we will have to see what happens.

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