Day 1: Home to Morton, Illinois

Today is the start of our Glacier National Park trip. We will also be going up in Canada to Banff and Jasper National Parks, and spending a few days in Idaho before heading back towards home.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that I accidentally put my side cases on the wrong sides *facepalm* I wasn’t paying attention, and Dwayne didn’t catch it either until we stopped for gas and I went to put something in one of them and realized it. Ooops, hahaha.

We left the house right around Noon and hit the interstate heading North. Today was all interstate riding unfortunately, so there isn’t a whole lot to tell about. We hit about 5 miles of moderately heavy rain West of Indianapolis on I-74, but considering it had been 90 degrees and mostly sunny up until then, we were actually happy to have the rain. The temperature dropped down to 75 degrees, and we got pretty wet by the time we got out of it, but the temperature immediately went back up to 85 degrees. It felt so much better since we were wet though, almost like air conditioning. It is rare that you’ll hear me say I was happy to be caught out in the rain on my bike, but today that was the case.

We met Dwayne’s uncle and his wife in Urbana at Hickory River Smokehouse for lunch. We don’t get to see them very often, so we always try to get together with them when we are passing through their area. The BBQ was delicious, and the company was great, so we really enjoyed the pit stop.

Once we were done eating, we checked the radar and realized that storms had popped up ahead of us on our route while we were eating, and judging by the bright red and pink on the radar, we figured it was best that we hang out for a while and let them simmer down before we continued on the last hour to Morton. We ended up hanging out with them for over 2 hours before deciding to brave the storms and head on. The radar looked like things had calmed down to just rain, and we didn’t want to wait to long and risk more storms popping up. That turned out to be a good decision because we actually only hit a few sprinkles, it never even actually rained on us, but the roads were very wet and you could tell it had rained hard while we were waiting.

We plan to get up early and have breakfast and hit the road as soon as possible in the morning because there is a chance of storms in the afternoon tomorrow as well, so we are hoping that we can get to Eau Claire, Wisconsin before they start popping up. Plus it is supposed to be super hot again, so the earlier we can get there, the less miserable we will be.

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