Day 14: Sioux City, IA to Champaign, IL

We set the alarm for 5am this morning and were out of the hotel by 5:30. After fueling up the bikes we rode 2 miles to the Madonna Rose Cafe for breakfast. Dwayne had googled “Best Breakfast in Sioux city and that’s what he came up with, so that’s where we went. It turned out to be a good choice, as the coffee and the food were both fantastic. He got his usual biscuits and gravy and sausage patties, and I got a meat lovers omelet with toast. 

After we were good and stuffed, we hit the road. Unfortunately we were about 40 miles down the road before we realized I had forgotten to start our Rever tracker, so I lost out on some more miles there. 

We decided to take the interstate to Des Moines and then hop off onto the highways from there. They were still 4-lane most of the way, but it was just a lot nicer than being on the interstate.

We stopped for lunch about 115 miles from Galesburg, our intended destination, and we decided we could make it to Champaign since the weather was great and much cooler than recent days, so I cancelled the room in Galesburg.

We picked up the interstate again at Galesburg and took it the rest of the way to Champaign. It was rather aggravating because Illinois sucks for road construction. They would have a section of lane closure, then open it back up, and 3 miles later the other lane would be closed. This happened about 10 times throughout our day, and it was beyond annoying. So much speeding up and slowing down, and they weren’t even working on most of it. Perhaps they should take on one project at a time and finish that before starting another section. 

Since we went on to Champaign we were able to have dinner with Dwayne’s Uncle and his wife again, which is always a nice time, so we were happy about that.

All in all we rode nearly 550 miles today, and now we are only about 200 miles from home, so we should be there by lunch tomorrow. 

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