Day 6

We started the morning off right by sleeping in a bit and having our leftover pizza from last night for breakfast, ’cause everyone knows pizza is acceptable for any meal 😛 After breakfast we loaded up the bikes while we chatted with a really nice lady riding a 1500 Gold Wing from New Mexico who we had also seen at Yellowstone yesterday. She has been on a two week trip as well and is on her way home.

Once we were loaded up we gassed up the bikes and hit SR-22 and went over into Idaho to the town of Victor. In Victor we hit SR-31 down to Hwy 26 in Swan Valley. From there we took 26 over to 89 back into Wyoming for a short time, then we went back over into Idaho and hit SR-34 down to Soda Springs where we hit Hwy 30 down to Montpelier where we got back on 89 which we took past Bear Lake, which was absolutely beautiful, and then on down to Logan, Utah, which is where we stayed for the night.

Today was mainly just taking the long, scenic route down to Logan, enjoying the beautiful scenery and nice, curvy roads. We didn’t take any pictures, and nothing really worth mentioning happened, but it was a really great ride, and we really enjoyed it.

Total mileage for today:

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