Red River Scramble 2019: Day 2

Friday morning we got up bright and early and I sat out on the deck to enjoy my morning coffee and watch the sun come up over the lake. It was perfect and I wish I could spend every morning that way. It is always so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and just enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

Once we got geared up, we rode up to the campground and met up with Jamie and Melanie and the 4 of us hit the road. The hard part of riding with someone you just met is knowing what they are and aren’t up for. As it turns out, I’m pretty sure Jamie is capable of way more 2-up with Melanie on that big 1290 than either of us will ever be capable of on our Tigers. They let us lead, and none of us had a route in mind, so we ended up doing one of the novice routes. We very much enjoyed having their company, and the riding was a lot of fun although not challenging. We ended up taking them up to the Sky Bridge, through the Nada tunnel, and out to Chimney Rock, although we didn’t hike out to the viewpoint to get the scavenger hunt points.

Side note: The scavenger hunt is something Drew created to add an extra bit of fun to the weekend. If you use the Rever app to navigate or track your ride, there are waypoints that you can hit that give you points. The further away, the more points they are worth. On Saturday night the people with the most points won prizes. Honestly, it’s mostly geared towards the on-road riders, as the riders who are concentrating on riding off-road as much as possible aren’t going to hit the high value waypoints most likely, but it still adds some fun for all.

We had lunch with Jamie and Melanie at the Red River Smokehouse, which had some absolutely delicious BBQ. Dwayne and I were dumb and got two separate meals, when we should have just split one, so we were both a little full afterwards.

We sat after we ate and enjoyed some conversation before we all hopped back on the bikes to finish out the route. We did some light off-roading on the way back before ending up back at camp. One of the roads we took was the one we had taken to the store the day before, so we were familiar with it and we knew that other than one house that looked like it was abandoned, there were no other homes in that area, so we were quite surprised when we came around a corner and Dwayne nearly got attacked by a random rooster! It was standing beside the road, and nearly ran in front of him, but at the last second it jumped up in the air flapping it’s wings and generally freaking out. I thought for sure it was going to attack him, and I broke out in a fit of laughter, barely able to concentrate on controlling the bike. It was one of the funniest things I saw all weekend, because that rooster really had no business being out there, and it was completely random. That’s Kentucky for you, though.

When we got back we parted ways with Jamie and Melanie and went back to our cabin to take a little break. It had warmed up a lot while we were eating lunch, so we wanted to let it cool off a bit before we went back out, and Dwayne wanted a quick nap after eating all of that delicious BBQ.

Later that evening we decided to take a pavement route down to a waterfall that was one of the waypoints, and we also hit a couple of other waypoints along the way. It was a really fun, curvy route down and back, and it felt good to keep moving fast in the heat. Unfortunately when we got to the waterfall, there were some locals hanging out, drinking beer at the top of the waterfall and jumping into the water below, so I had to be strategic with my picture taking to try to hide them behind a tree, which mostly worked but wasn’t the angle I would have chosen.

We called it a night after stopping for a quick bite at a Wendy’s and went back to the cabin to shower up and get some rest, but not before enjoying the view from the deck in the moonlight.

Stay tuned for part 3 coming soon, it’s the best part!

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