Sand and Puddles…

Today we met up with our friend Steve Hoy to go to the Badlands Off-Road Park in Attica, Indiana. I took the WR250R out for the first time off-road, and Dwayne rode Steve’s TTR-125, while Steve rode his CRF250F.

The Badlands has a LOT of deep sand, which was completely new territory for me. We started off slow so I could get the feel for the bike in those conditions, and did some loops on some short trails.

After a while we ventured off into the deeper stuff so I could get some practice on that. All was going well until we started doing a hill climb. You had to get some speed up across the sand pit before hitting the hill, and I did it fine the first time. The second time I got a little too cocky and tried to go faster and got a little wobbly in the sand pit, almost saved it, but the front slid out and over the bars I went! Luckily it was a nice soft landing, so I came out unscathed, but the WR lost the plastic above the headlight (it isn’t broken, just lost a clip), and the mirrors came loose so I had to just take them off for the rest of the day, not that I needed them.

After that we took a break for a bit. When we went back out we hit a trail that was about 75% huge mud puddles after all the rain we got the last few days. The guys were going around them, but I was having none of that, so just like the little kid I am at heart, I went flying straight through all the puddles.

Afterwards when we got back to the truck, I had to dump water out of my boots and wring it out of my socks.

That’s a sign of a good time if you ask me!! I can’t wait to take the WR out again. It has officially been named “PJ” by Dwayne, which stands for “Puddle Jumper”. I like it, I think it’ll stick.

Tomorrow we will be going out on the Tigers, and I may have some videos to upload from today if Steve gets them uploaded and sent to me.

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