Day 4: Plan B and Plan C

We decided to wait for Maverick Motorsports to open this morning and have them check out Dwayne’s rear wheel hub. While we waited we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then came back and took a nap.

One of the kind gentleman we had spoken with on Monday was happy to help us remove the thing making all the racket, although none of us ever could decide exactly what it was. Dwayne thinks perhaps it is a piece of the cast aluminum from inside the hub, perhaps it broke off during one of the epic rocky hill climbs yesterday. It certainly seems too hard to be shale, and it did have some shine to it where he had scraped at it with a screw driver trying to break it last night. It sounded metallic inside the hub as it rattled around too, but who knows. It is possible it was something kicked up off the trail that somehow magically made it into the hole that it was almost as big as.

We hung out for a little bit and chatted with an older local gentleman who had traded in his Harley for a Tiger a couple years ago and never looked back. We also bought a couple of shirts to show our appreciation of how kind they were to us this week, and because they were pretty cool shirts.

Once we left there, we were kind of at a loss for what to do the rest of the day. It was almost 11 o’clock, and we hadn’t really mapped out a route because we weren’t sure we would get to ride today at all depending on what was up with his bike. I found a gravel road that went up to a radio tower about 20 miles from our hotel that looked like it had spectacular views, so we decided to check that out.

The road that went out that way was beautiful with some farm land surrounded by mountains on both sides, but unfortunately we only made it part of the way up the road before we hit a gate with private property signs and a security camera and we had to turn around. We knew it was a slim chance that you’d actually be able to ride up there, but I was bummed to not get to see the view I’d seen on Google Maps.

We didn’t really know where to head from there, but we ended up going back down to Hwy 12 for one last trip across to check out a bridge across the river. I, of course, had to go stand in the river while we were there because I was hot and the water was cool.

On the way back up Lolo Pass, we stopped again to get a picture with one of the best signs a motorcyclist can see…

From there we enjoyed one last trip back across Hwy 12 to the hotel. We are now doing laundry and getting stuff ready to pack up and leave for home in the morning. It may have been a short trip as far as the riding goes, but it was well worth the drive to get out here. We had an amazing time, and I proved to Dwayne that we can take the Tigers on some gnarly terrain and survive to tell about it, although at one point yesterday I think he questioned rather or not that would be the case, lol!

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