January jaunt…

Southern Indiana winters are unpredictable at best. We never know if we will get a cold, snowy winter, or a mild, mostly dry winter. Although we haven’t had a lot of snow so far this winter, we have had a couple of small accumulations, one of which came two weekends ago and caused the road crews to get all crazy with the salt and cinders. It was also well below freezing for almost two weeks straight, so the snow was able to hang around up until this past weekend. So as you can imagine, the roads are still covered in crap.

Today we were fortunate enough to get a sunny day with 58 degree temperatures. There was a brisk wind all day, but even so, the sunshine felt amazing, and no amount of cool wind was going to keep us from enjoying the day.

I would never take the vintage bikes out with the roads being so nasty still, but the Tigers don’t mind getting dirty, so we hopped on them and went for a much needed ride.

We mainly just cruised some country roads and tried to stay up in the hilly tree-lined areas to block some of the wind. We had to be cautious for the most part due to all of the gravel and cinders in the curves, but it just felt so great to be on the bikes, we didn’t mind.

Winter has apparently been pretty rough on the roads around here this year, as a lot of them had large sections where the pavement had buckled and crumbled. We also found that a lot of the gravel roads had turned into a mostly muddy mess, not that that is a bad thing on the Tigers 😉

All in all, we only rode 90 miles, but it felt amazing just to be out on the bikes, even if it was just for a few hours. The meteorologists have been mentioning snow later next week again, and below freezing temperatures, so it will likely be a while before we get to ride again, but I may be able to retain my sanity until then after today’s moto therapy session.

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