Road Closed – High Water

Since I never got a chance to write after Tuesday’s adventures, I’m going to go ahead and write about that now, and then i’ll make a separate entry for today’s adventures.

As you all know by now, we are late risers on Tuesday’s due to our work schedule, so it was about 2pm before we hit the road. The weather had said it would be 78 and mostly sunny, but it ended up never getting above 73 and was mostly cloudy.

We started out on one of our typical routes up towards Brown County, but we were quickly faced with “Road Closed – High Water” signs and a barricade in the road. For those who don’t know, we have received more than our fair share of rain here in Southern Indiana over the last month, and late last week we had some terrible flash flooding which caused a lot of damage in a neighboring town.  I figured since it had been three days since it rained that it might be passable, so I suggested we go around the barricade and see for ourselves, knowing we could always turn back if need be. As it turned out I was mostly right, the water was still over the road in a small section, but it wasn’t deep and you could see where you were going, so we went ahead and rode through it and went on our way.

A little further into our route, there was a road closure due to a culvert being replaced, so we had to take a detour around that. We thought we knew where we needed to go, but we ended up missing the turn and went a little further out of route than we had intended, but we always like to take the scenic route anyways, so we didn’t mind.

Eventually we ended up in Solsberry, Indiana at the Yoho General Store. If you’ve followed the blog from the start, then you will remember this from an entry last spring when we were here. We grabbed a snack at the general store and I loved on a sweet little pooch who was hanging around, then we headed for the Tulip Trestle, which was also in that blog entry from last spring.

The last time we were at the trestle, the road to it was all gravel, but they have since paved it to the trestle, and it turns to gravel after you go under it. They now have a nice little observation area and some displays telling about the history of the trestle, as well as a free lending library for kids that is shaped like a train.
Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t quite right for taking good pictures, we hadn’t considered that by getting such a late start we would be there at the wrong time of day, but that’s okay, we can always go back if we need to.


After we left there, we back tracked over to one of our favorite gravel roads, Tower Ridge Road, so we could use it as a cut-through to get over to the Story Inn so we could snap some pictures there. As it turns out, they had just freshly grated the road, so the gravel was thick and loose, and felt a bit sketchy on our road tires, but luckily they had only made it about a third of the way through, so the rest of the road was perfect, and we were able to enjoy it.

We snapped a few pictures of the bikes in front of the Story Inn, and it was about 7 o’clock and the clouds had gotten thicker, and it was starting to look like rain, so we left there and headed back towards home. It was a nice day and a great ride, and we both felt rejuvenated after not riding for two weeks.


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