Muddy Tigers

As far as weather goes, today was the opposite of yesterday. We left the house just after 11am and it was sunny and 70 degrees. I was actually rather warm with my thin hoodie under my jacket without the liner in. That didn’t last very long before the clouds started to thicken and the temperature dropped a couple of degrees and the wind picked up a bit. It felt perfect, though, so I didn’t mind much.

We decided to take some back roads over to the neighboring town where we were to be getting our taxes done at 1:00. Part of that route included the first gravel road we ever rode after we got the Tigers. It winds up and over a ridge, and has some pretty wooded sections, as well as some not so pretty sections with run down trailers surrounded by junk that make you swear you can hear dueling banjos.

There was about an hour to kill, so we decided to just explore some back roads. We ended up on a road that dead-ended at a lake, so we stopped to take a few pictures and check our radar app because the clouds were starting to look dangerously like rain. Luckily nothing was showing on the radar, and the hourly forecast was only giving a 35 percent chance, so we figured we would be fine.

We arrived at our tax office a little early, and it turned out that there had been a mix-up on someone’s part, and our appointment wasn’t actually until 2, so we headed back out onto the back roads for another hour. We were in Amish country and passed a lot of farms that had new baby cows, goats, and sheep, so I enjoyed watching the little guys run from us as we passed, they were so cute and tiny!!! We also saw about a million squirrels today, most of which were running back and forth in the road in true squirrel fashion, and at least 5 dogs that tried to chase us.

After we were finished with our taxes, we ventured out under the still cloudy skies in search of yet another old iron bridge that we had found on Google Maps last night. We were at a similar bridge a few miles down river last year after we first got the Tigers, so we thought it would be fun to find this one and see it as well.

The route to the bridge consisted of a maze of backroads, some of which we had been on before, some that we hadn’t. When we got to the road that would take us back to the bridge, it turned out to be mostly mud. This was our first time riding on this soft of a surface, so I was a bit nervous at first, but the nerves quickly vanished and I was smiling from ear to ear by the time we got to the bridge.

The underside of the Tigers were caked in mud, and we joked about how our friends with Harley’s would die if their bikes ever got that dirty. We had parked a little way down from the bridge so there would be more room to turn around, so Dwayne started up towards the bridge while I snapped some quick pics.

Once I had my turn to go up and check out the bridge and snap a few more pictures, we hopped back on the bikes and headed back through the mud to the pavement. There is a new bridge a little further down the river, so we decided to take it and explore the other side a bit. Before you get to the bridge, there is a perfect straight stretch where you can see a long way ahead of you, so we took the opportunity to blow some of the mud off of the bikes.

The clouds were still thick, and we had a few sprinkles on our face shields, but luckily it never actually rained. We ended up running into an area we were familiar with, so we decided to start back towards the house, as both of our stomachs were starting to growl from hunger. We took highways part of the way, and then hit some back roads, including a new gravel road we hadn’t been on before.

The Tigers are now parked in the garage in all of their muddy glory, with a promise of a bath to come, and no idea when the weather will be nice enough to ride them again. It is supposed to be a high of 38 degrees on Saturday, because this is Indiana, and our weather is downright ridiculous.

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