Is this really February?! I’ll take it!!

After nearly three months of not all that cold, but ridiculously wet winter weather, we were finally blessed with a perfect, beautiful day so that we could get back out on the bikes. Technically, the last two days would have been great days to ride as well, but we had to work, so we took a vacation day today so that we could at least enjoy the best of the three days.

We work 2nd/3rd shift, so by the time we got 6 hours of sleep and had coffee and breakfast, it was 2pm, and just shy of 70 degrees. Being that it is still February, we only had about 5 hours of daylight, so we knew we couldn’t get too crazy, so we decided to pack a cooler with us in Dwayne’s sidecases and ride about an hour and a half to a meat processing place that we know of that has THE best spicy breakfast sausage we’ve ever had.

We decided to take the quickest route there, and then find some back roads to play on on the way back. It isn’t an overly exciting route to get there, mostly a lot of fields, some livestock, and a few small towns, but it was such a gorgeous day, and it felt so great to be riding again, we didn’t even care.

Once we got to our destination, Sander Processing in Celestine, Indiana, we were bummed to find out that they were sold out of our beloved hot and spicy breakfast sausage. All was not lost, however, as they did have their delicious pepper jack summer sausage in stock, so we got a log of that so that we wouldn’t be coming home empty handed.

When we left there, we headed South a bit until we found a back road to turn down. It quickly turned to gravel, and our smiles grew even wider. It didn’t stay gravel too long as it ran into a lightly populated area with a few farms and homes, and then ended at a state highway.

We took the highway for a while before Dwayne spotted a road to the right and decided to take it to see if we could avoid going through the town we were heading towards. Almost immediately it turned to gravel, and we went down a hill and around a corner and were greeted with this cool grated iron bridge.

After we stopped for the required photographic proof of our discovery, we continued on, enjoying the old forest road and the creeks and trees surrounding it. At one point we passed a small farm with a horse in a pasture, and it stopped and stared at us as we passed and we joked about how it probably doesn’t see many motorcyclists down that road.

Eventually the road turned to pavement again, and ended up connecting back with the highway we had previously been on, so while it was an enjoyable and appreciated detour, it was just a detour none the less, as it didn’t get us any closer to home, and we still had to travel through the town. Sometimes this happens when you’re just wandering around though, that’s part of the fun!

Once we got to the town, we turned back onto the road we had taken this morning and retraced our route back to the house. The temperature had topped out at 73 during the middle portion of our ride, and it was back down to 68 when we arrived home. You really can’t ask for much better weather than that.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mid-60’s and overcast with a chance of showers, but we aren’t going to let a chance of showers stop us, so we intend to throw the rain jackets in the side cases and go on an adventure anyways. Hopefully I’ll have more to write about then 😉

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