Riding and hiking and riding, oh my!

We thought we might get to go on another overnight trip this past week, but the weather ended up being a bit milder than expected, so instead we went hiking on Wednesday and then went riding a bit on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday we mainly stayed on familiar roads. We wanted to stop and see an old Studebaker truck a guy had for sale, which ended up with us taking a tour of his awesome home that he and his wife had built (he was a good dude, no stranger danger worries, haha!) And we spent over an hour chatting with him afterwards, which cut our ride time pretty much in half.

After we said goodbye and hit the road again, we continued up highway 135 to Story and decided to see what was down the road that goes past the Story Inn. We passed a cool old bridge down a side road and made a mental note to check it out on the way back, but soon after that the road turned to gravel, which we normally would have kept going on, but we were getting rather hungry, so we decided to turn around and go back to the Story Inn for a late lunch instead.

We stopped at the bridge to take some pictures, and then continued back to the Inn. When we pulled into the parking lot we spotted a Suzuki GSXR parked across from us, but didn’t see the rider. We were about an hour too early for fine dining dinner, so we went to the basement tavern for some bar food instead, which, lets face it, we were better suited for anyways in our motorcycle leathers. Dwayne ordered a cheeseburger that was on special, and I ordered the smoked wings at the recommendation of the bartender. Both were surprisingly delicious, and I would definitely go back for those wings again.

While waiting for our food, the couple riding the GSXR walked in and started talking to us about which local roads were good to ride. The guy was shocked when he realized that I rode my own bike, not on the back of Dwayne’s. He told Dwayne he was lucky, he found a keeper, and told his girlfriend she should learn to ride too, which made me feel a little bad for her. She said she would like to learn though, so I hope that he will take the time to teach her and encourage her.

After we finished eating, we hit the road and hurried home as the sun was getting low in the sky and the temperature was starting to drop.

Friday we went in the opposite direction of the previous day, and took some familiar favorite roads over to some new, unfamiliar roads. We took our time, taking in the scenery and enjoying the curvy roads, occasionally missing a turn and having to backtrack.

On one road we passed an incredibly beautiful cabin with a wrap around porch, outdoor fire place, a huge, beautiful garage, and a nice pond. It did not look like anyone lived there, but it also didn’t have a for sale sign, so I tried to investigate it when we got home, but I couldn’t find anything to insinuate that it may be a foreclosure or possibly for sale. I did find out that it had 25 acres of mostly wooded land, and that between the house and garage, it was pretty much my dream home. I may have to keep an eye on that, lol! Also, I may have a career in private investigating, because I knew the owners names, where they actually live, and how much their property taxes are within about 10 minutes of investigating, lol!

On the way back home we stopped at our favorite BBQ spot for another late lunch, and then took some back roads the rest of the way home. All in all, not much to write or read about, but it was a couple of fun days nonetheless.

It looks like we will probably do the same thing this week, as Wednesday looks good for hiking and Thursday and Friday look good for riding. Actually, Wednesday doesn’t look bad for riding either, so we may have to skip hiking until the following week. It looks like it is going to get much colder after Friday, so this week might be the last good week 😦

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