Under our very noses…

We had planned to go for a ride yesterday, but by the time we would have been able to leave, it had gotten later than expected, and Dwayne wasn’t feeling 100%, so we decided to get up early this morning and leave out early. We got up a little before 8 and had breakfast and got the bikes ready and headed out around 9:30. It was 70 degrees and overcast, and felt absolutely fantastic.

We left our house and took a combination of county and state roads up to Nashville, Indiana. From there we took 135 up to 45, which is normally an incredibly fun section of road with wonderful sweeping curves, but today we were behind a dump truck, which hindered our ability to have too much fun. 45 has a closed section that we had to detour around, but that was okay because the detour had nice scenery and properties for us to look at. Once we returned to 45, we had to backtrack a bit to get to our planned road. Once we found it, we followed along the North shore of Lake Lemon before hitting another road up through the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.

We ended up in Martinsville, Indiana where we stopped by Flat Out Motorsports to check out a couple of Yamaha Dual Sport bikes. We are both interested in doing more off-road riding, so the idea of buying a couple of dual sport bikes has us intrigued at the moment.

After we left there, we retraced our tracks a bit, and then decided to freestyle our way back to Nashville for lunch, just randomly choosing which roads to take until we found ourselves back on 135. This time through we had a clear road ahead of us, so we were able to enjoy the curvy section we missed out on earlier in the day.

Nashville is a hard place to find parking, so we had to ride around a bit and park a short distance away from the brewpub we decided to eat at for lunch. The first time we ate at Big Woods Brewing Company was also the first time I ever met a fellow female rider when Dwayne and I met Mary (Former IG user: Mary1krr) for lunch there before going for a ride with her and her husband, Ryan. That was 2 years ago and we hadn’t been there since, but it was still pretty good. Dwayne got a burger with pulled pork and bacon on it, which was delicious, and I got the crab cake sandwich, which was also very good.

On the walk back to the bikes, we somehow got lost and ended up in an ice cream parlor. I’m really not sure how that happened, but we couldn’t be rude and not order anything, so Dwayne had a milkshake and I had a Reese’s blizzard. The ice cream did the trick though, and we managed to find our way back to the bikes after that 😉

From there we battled the urge to take a nap as we snaked our way back towards home, randomly choosing which turns to make as we went. That really is the best way to find your destination on an adventure bike, don’t worry about taking the shortest route or the possibility of getting lost, because you’re never “lost” if you have no where to be!

Eventually we came out on familiar roads, but we decided to make a short detour into a park we had never been in before that we have passed a million times. As it turned out, one of the park roads wound straight up onto a ridge where there was a picnic area and you could see for miles! It was beautiful, and we decided we would have to stop here again in the future for lunch and to see the trees when they turn colors next month.

Eventually we made our way back to the house, where we both agreed that we had a wonderful day, even if the temperature and humidity had risen a little higher than expected as the day went on, and we were both quite hot and sweaty by the time we made it back.

Right now we still intend to head to North Carolina for a few days next week, but we are watching the weather to be sure since it has changed about a million times the last few days. Regardless, we will be riding somewhere, even if we have to make a last minute destination change.

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