We woke up bright and early this morning and walked down the street to have breakfast at a little diner I found on TripAdvisor.  I couldn’t find their hours of operation, so we ended up showing up about 15 minutes before the place opened, so we sat and waited. After I inhaled a ginormous breakfast burrito that was pretty darn yummy, and Dwayne ate his biscuits and gravy, we walked back to the room and loaded down the bikes and hit the road.

Unfortunately, we  didn’t pay attention on our way out of town and we missed the fact that the road we wanted veered off to the left and we kept going straight. About a mile out of town we ran into construction which resulted in our second “off-road” adventure of the trip. Technically we were on the road, but since the road had been torn up and it was down to just gravel, we will call it off-roading. This lasted about 5 miles before we hit pavement again. After riding for a while and not seeing the road we were supposed to turn onto, we decided to stop and look at my phone, which is when we realized we had went the wrong way. We ended up back tracking a bit and hitting another road over to the road we were originally supposed to be on.

Eventually we ended up in Red Lodge, Montana and stopped to gas up the bikes and put on some extra layers before heading up the Beartooth Mountain Pass. At the gas station we ran into another guy on a Suzuki Bandit who was from Eastern Montana. After chatting with him for a bit and putting on some extra clothes, we started up the pass. It was absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous. By the time we got to the top it was 49 degrees and there were 8 foot snow walls on the sides of the road. I thought it was awesome because they had a ski lift that was still operating and there were people snowboarding and skiing up there.

After stopping multiple times to take pictures and enjoy the view, we ended up making our way down to Yellowstone. Other than the Grand Canyon and Falls of the Yellowstone, and a black bear with three cubs that we saw, there really isn’t much to say about Yellowstone. The cubs were incredibly cute though, two of them kept wrestling and rolling around on the ground, which was incredibly cute and fun to see. Other than that, we did not think it was as beautiful as other places we had been, and we did not enjoy the thousands of people that were all driving really slow and stopping in the middle of the road the entire way through the park. It just really wasn’t worth it to us, and we wish now that we had the time we spent there back to spend other places. We did randomly get our picture taken as we were getting off our bikes at one place by an Asian girl, which was pretty weird since she didn’t say anything at all, she just came up and snapped a picture of us and walked off.

After leaving Yellowstone we came out into the Grand Teton National Park. After a while you come around a corner and the trees subside and there is a huge, beautiful lake, and behind them sit the most breathtakingly gorgeous mountains. We stopped here to take some pictures and enjoy the view before continuing on to Jackson, Wyoming, where we stayed the night. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to explore the town, but we did eat at a really great artisan pizza place named Pizza Artisan. If you ever find yourself in Jackson and wanting pizza (or pasta), do yourself a favor and go here, it is great!!!

Today’s total mileage was: 338 miles, total mileage for the trip so far:2,154

Day 5

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